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Welcome to the Unofficial Cornell Hockey Page at Cornell.

This site was created and is maintained by Keith Kannenberg, an alumnus of Cornell University and a member of the Lynah Faithful (in absentia). This site tries to provide regular updates and information to fans of Cornell hockey (and even to our opponents). This site is not affiliated with Cornell Athletics, the Ivy League, the ECAC, the NCAA or any other organization.

Now that I've graduated for the third and final time and have left Ithaca I can't promise that I'll be able to provide info quite as quickly and frequently as I did when I was on campus. I will do my best to continue to maintain the site. After this summer's spell of total laziness, I seem to have things going again.

This site is hosted by Age Manocchia on his eLynah server. Many thanks to him for that.

Your comments and suggestions (or contributions) are always welcome.

The following contact information is provided for anyone who is interested in contacting the hockey program or the coaches directly. I don't have any official relationship with the team (other than booster membership) and I'm no longer in Ithaca so I generally can't pass on any messages.

Mike Schafer
Lynah Rink
Campus Road
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-6501
Phone: 607-255-4171
Fax: 607-255-9791
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Last Updated: November 17, 2000
Maintained by Keith Kannenberg, '93, '96, '98