Electronic Calendars

You can subscribe to the Cornell Men's Hockey schedule in calendar applications liks iCal, Google Calendar, or Mozilla Sunbird. It contains all the current season's games, locations, scores and Cornell goal scorers for completed games, as well as the current record shown in the next game's description and gets updating automatically with each game played.


Click this link. A dialog will open in iCal. If you want the information to stay current throughout the season, click the checkbox next to "Refresh" and select "Every Day" from the drop-down menu. Then click the "Subscribe" button.

Google Calendar

In the Other calendars section on the left, click Add then click Add by URL. On the next screen enter:

Mozilla Sunbird/Lightning

Lightning is a calendar addon for Thunderbird amd Sunbird is a standalone calendar application from Mozilla. Select File > Subscribe to Remote Calendar..., select On the Network, make sure iCalendar (ICS) is selected and paste the following into the Location field: