You Are The Committee (2000-2001 Edition)

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Game results taken from US College Hockey Online's Division I composite schedule

The form on this page will allow you to use the final results of the 2000-2001 season to seed the tournament according to the procedures in place at the time. There is also a self-service hypothetical interface which allows you to add, delete or change any results you like.

Ever want to tell a division I hockey team where to go? Well, few people hold the power of the Men's Division I Ice Hockey Championships Selection Committee, but we now know enough about the process they'll use to seed the NCAA tournament to play along at home.

Enter these interactive web pages. Using the following forms, you'll be able to go through the selection process, based on our current understanding.

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with the NCAA, so these pages reflect only my understanding of the process, and are not to be taken as an official statement of how the selection will be done. I have, however, been in touch with them to check my assumptions wherever possible.

Step One: Selecting the Field

Step 1a: Automatic Bids

The tournament champions from five of the six Division I conferences (all except College Hockey America) are awarded automatic bids. For the 2000-2001 season, those champions are listed below.

Western Conferences Eastern Conferences
WCHA St Cloud
CCHA Mich State
Hockey East Boston Coll
ECAC St. Lawrence
MAAC Mercyhurst

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